What Is UI/UX Design? All You Need to Know

In the current world, user interface and user experience UI and UX services respectively are considered dissimilar things altogether. This is thanks to the many new inventions and innovations in the economy. The increased momentum in the economy is the witness to these changes. Most people often like to pedal these two together, which is not the case at all. 

The UI Designs

This design is specifically modified to deal with data in a graphical layout. Which is inclusive of:

  • screen layouts,
  • animations,
  • transitions,
  • micro-interactions,
  • buttons.

For this type of design, it is visible that it strictly deals with the appearance of things. Some of the formats that form the UI design are:

Graphical User Interphase

This is typically how end-users interact with visuals and control panels. A good example that applies, in this case, is how a computer desktop operates.

Voice Control Interphase

This interphase deals with how end-users interact with a system using voice. They include things like Siri.

Gesture-based Interphase

This mostly involves users handling and interacting with data virtually. They mostly involve predetermined 3d spaces.

UX Design

This is how the users interact with the system and the measure of how well or good the system serves them. In most cases, this system is always in place to ensure that the customer experiences positive effects only.

The Main Steps to Achieving This

Interaction design

This aspect enables information users to coordinate all activities for effectiveness. It could be through coordinating page transitions, animations, buttons, and many more.


A good UX design should be in a position to analyze all its customers’ needs and make design decisions based on the parameters

Information architecture

The system used should be in a position to explain conclusively whatever happens in each interphase. The information should be fine-tuned in an explainable way. For the betterment of UX, it should:

  • The product should be easily explanatory to customers to attain its effectiveness.
  • Consequently, the product should endeavor to solve users’ problems.
  • It should display information in a way that is self-explanatory to anyone who may handle the data.

As much as this site can prove to be very helpful, the biggest demerit with it is the fact that it is prone to cognitive biases in most cases. Some of the most common tasks involved in this design include:

  • user research;
  • creating personas;
  • designing wireframes;
  • interactive prototypes;
  • testing designs.

Skill and knowledge

Among some skills, one needs to develop before entering this design world are: 

  • Complete comprehension of programming language.
  • Knowledge of developing user flows, prototypes, and many more.
  • Mastery of all tools involved in visualization sketch, Photoshop, etc.
  • Being innovative and working with other company leaders in developing transformational designs.
  • Using design to communicate to users the intentions of the company.
  • Creating user flows, wireframes, prototypes, and so on.

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