UX/UI Micro Tips: Get Simplified Tips Here

Completing the task of creating user interfaces that suits the customers’ needs can pose a great challenge to developers. To achieve the ultimate maximum from these designs, there is little effort that should be exerted by developers in their designs. This may mean making small adjustments that yield huge benefits. A good example in this place is merging similar functions into one. 

This accords to the reduction of numerous procedural norms, consequently increasing end users’ satisfaction. Subsequently, a good alternative would be dropping the number of redundant elements in a website. The audio language also should be comprehensive to the users. The best way to approach this is to research your clients to anticipate what would suit them. Another important thing to do is to study what other similar websites are doing.

Some of the tips that can be used are as follows:

  • Use established icons 

When choosing an icon for action, ensure that the icon is in line with what is being done. Avoid icons that will yield confusion or rather create instances of mixed reactions. This, therefore, means that any icon chosen should bear a meaning that is directly related to the process.

  • Application of proximity in describing relations

This subsection simply implies that items that have related designs should be placed together. This is an advantage to your website, as client scanning through your website will be simplified, and message conveyance becomes faster.

  • Use size weight and color to indicate hierarchy

This technique is very valuable in attaining customer interface and customer experience. This can be attributed to the fact that each time, color, size, or weight changes, it symbolizes that something new has been created. This greatly helps boost the understanding of clients and also maintains their patience since everything is clearly outlined.

  • Use white space

As much as some people may want to take their clients on an adventure with an assortment of colors, the best color that stands out is the color white. It is very clean and often very easy for customers to read through.

  • Informing your user when a certain action is going to take place

This subsection is very important, and it should be included in all designs. This is simply because humans are prone to errors sometimes and may click buttons unknowingly. Providing space for confirmation helps clients to have space to correct their mistakes before performing any permanent actions.

  • Priority of the toolbar

To attain solid success in this, make sure that you place essential things on the toolbar. It accords wider accessibility of clients to your website.

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